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Eliza from Kuantan asks... "Salam – I bought new bedding for my master bedroom and need help deciding on wall decor. I also need help with colored accents in the room, the walls are painted a light m..."
Joe from Kelantan asks.... "I live in a hundred and fifty year old house, the walls are plaster that is bumpy and cracked. How am I to fix this problem without taking down the existing walls and putting up drywall, which is beyond my b..."

Typical Bedroom
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Typical Living Room
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Megat from Muar, Johor asks... "I have just had new kitchen cabinets put in. I am wondering if it is okay to go with only knobs instead of knobs and h..."

Mahadir from  Sarawak asks... "Hi, My living room is painted white and my furniture is black. The problem is that I want to create a new look by doing something with the walls. The space is r...."

Charlene from Ayer Keroh, asks... "I’ve settled into a townhouse and want to add color to my walls and ceilings. When you enter my home, (it is) the living room first with stairs on the right going to t..."

Siti from Kuala Terengganu asks... "I am having real trouble finding a color scheme that works best with the furniture I currently have. I have a deep purple chair, black s..."

Sayang from N9 asks... "I just bought an absolutely gorgeous RED leather sofa and chaise sectional! It’s bigger in my room than I..."

Teresa from Penang asks... "The walk-in closet off of our master bedroom is long and narrow at 6.5 ft by 13 ft. The flooring is light natural..."

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Monday, 28 March 2011


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why pay more if you can do it your self


Now Everyone Can Decor (NECD) is the online resource for homeowners or tenant seeking resources for their homes interior design and decoration. NECD specialize in ONLINE CONSULTANT and we are here to assist you with your home interior decisions.

We offer cheapest consultancy fee at RM38/per room. NECD help to improve and raising living standards of medium and low-income households. We guaranty our advice and consultation on essential home interior elements, inspirational features and new products, every possibility in the cheapest decor process!

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Living Room Color???

What colors look best with purple

March 18, 2011

Siti from Kuala Terengganu asks...
I am having real trouble finding a color scheme that works best with the furniture I currently have. I have a deep purple chair, black sofa and black/brown tables. I want to brighten my living room and I am not afraid of color. However, I don’t want it to look tacky or childish. I also, would prefer not to have purple as the main color. Please help!
Thank you,

NECD responds...
Purple is rich and regal. As such, if you think of all things royal you will find purple in varying combinations with reds, blues, golds & whites – very grown-up. For a more contemporary look, yellow-green and purple make for a great combination. If you would like something more subdued, a light grey with a violet undertone will work. Still stuck? The great outdoors display all the colour combinations you can imagine so take a walk in a garden in bloom, seek out your purple and see what Mother Nature has paired it with for inspiration.

Should I match the wall to the couch?

I'm in love - What do I do next?

March 22, 2011
Sayang from N9 asks...
I just bought an absolutely georgous REDleather sofa and chaise sectional! It’s bigger in my room than I expected – the Room is 12 × 10. Should I paint the walls behind the sofa a matching RED to help increase the visual space or – will that just make the room appear smaller? The two sections form an “L” shape that is 112" X 80". HELP – I can’t give it back – I’m in LOVE – but what do I do next?

NECD responds...
If you paint the wall behind the sectional red, that piece that you love will be “hiding” in the wall colour, which to me seems a shame! The approach I take in situations like this is to consider painting the baseboards and casings the same colour as the adjacent wall to make it appear as though there is more wall surface. The other trick I sometimes use is to lower the seating by replacing the legs with shorter ones. I also make a selection on the floor, such as a graphic area rug that brings the eye down to ground an oversized piece into the floor. Probably the most significant thing you can do is to remove scale small tables, chairs & chachkas from the room because they make the sectional look even bigger by contrast. Glass and mirrored tables take up less visual space. An oversized piece of art across for the sectional can help balance the room. Large scale table and floor lamps can also be effective in helping to visually shrink the sectional.

Walk In Closet

What colour organizer to choose?

March 20, 2011

Teresa from Penang asks...
The walk-in closet off of our master bedroom is long and narrow at 6.5 ft by 13 ft. The flooring is light natural beech hardwood. All of the trim and walls are white. Should I go with white cabinetry for the closet organizer? Or with a more contemporary Wenge finish wood? Our bedroom also has the natural beech hardwood with white trim. The furniture is dark wood and I would describe my style as contemporary (maybe slightly transitional).
NECD responds...
Even though your furniture is dark wood, the interior of your closets is totally separate. I prefer white for closets, because it reflects light better and makes it easier to see your clothes.

Wood Colour

Should we go with white or cream?

March 10, 2011

Reta from Ipoh, Perak asks...
We currently have inexpensive white cabinets in our kitchen which we would like to replace. Our problem is most of our house has oak moldings, casings and very large cabinets on either side of our fireplace in the family room which is all open to the kitchen. We don’t really like oak but can’t afford to replace or paint out all the existing oak. Is there a wood which would blend with it or should we go with white or cream cabinets?

NECD responds...
If your house is over-run with oak and you don’t really like it, don’t add more! If you need to work with the oak, go for painted cabinets in white or cream, or even a light watery blue/green. The look is very current, it will keep your kitchen feeling bright, and won’t compete with the oak.

Paint Dilemma

Add color to my walls and ceiling

March 24, 2011

Charlene from Ayer Keroh, Melaka asks...
I’ve settled into a townhouse and want to add color to my walls and ceilings. When you enter my home, (it is) the living room first with stairs on the right going to top floor. The walls are continuous throughout the bottom floor. You can see right through to the kitchen. So my question is how do I paint the living room one color and add another color to the kitchen if they both share one wall? The same is for the living room and stairs that go up? My ceilings go throughout the living room and kitchen with no break in it. so I guess adding a color to that would be impossible. Hope you can help my painting dilemma.

NECD responds...

Colour should not make your space appear too busy. Consider using richer shade on the far wall in the kitchen as well as for the bulkhead (the area over the cabinets) because that is where your eye looks to upon entering the house. A complimentary colour or lighter tone of the shade used for the kitchen can go in the living room and on the sharing wall. Follow up the stairs with the same colour as in the living room and add a wall collage of pictures or prints. Two wall colours will be sufficient in this small space. Keep it tone on tone in your furnishings with accent pillows for more colour. Painting the ceiling would soften the space. A colour that is a quarter of the strength of the living room colour would co-ordinate nicely.