Tuesday, 5 April 2011

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When it comes to the home, we could all use a helping hand. The NowEveryoneCanDecor.com experts are here to assist you with your home interior decisions, using our arsenal of expertise to get you started. Take a look through previously asked questions, or drop us a email if you don’t find the answer there. If knowledge is power, consider us the most useful tool in your kit!

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Sarah from Johor Bahru ask... "I know this might sound silly or just the typical “husband & wife” dilemma, but we can’t decide on a color for our living room. We've both agreed t...."

Eliza from Kuantan asks... "Salam – I bought new bedding for my master bedroom and need help deciding on wall decor. I also need help with colored accents in the room, the walls are painted a light m..."
Joe from Kelantan asks.... "I live in a hundred and fifty year old house, the walls are plaster that is bumpy and cracked. How am I to fix this problem without taking down the existing walls and putting up drywall, which is beyond my b..."

Typical Bedroom
OMG!  your room really need to get organised. NO IDEA where to start?. It won't cost a lot if you can do it yourself. Make over your room only at RM38. It's easy! Just EMAIL us your Room picture.

Typical Living Room
Did your Living Room looks like this? Come on! You just need a few touch up to turns your Boring Living Room to a better space for Living. Keep your money because you don't have to appoint a expensive interior consultant. You can do it yourself! It's easy! Just EMAIL us your Living Room picture.

Megat from Muar, Johor asks... "I have just had new kitchen cabinets put in. I am wondering if it is okay to go with only knobs instead of knobs and h..."

Mahadir from  Sarawak asks... "Hi, My living room is painted white and my furniture is black. The problem is that I want to create a new look by doing something with the walls. The space is r...."

Charlene from Ayer Keroh, asks... "I’ve settled into a townhouse and want to add color to my walls and ceilings. When you enter my home, (it is) the living room first with stairs on the right going to t..."

Siti from Kuala Terengganu asks... "I am having real trouble finding a color scheme that works best with the furniture I currently have. I have a deep purple chair, black s..."

Sayang from N9 asks... "I just bought an absolutely gorgeous RED leather sofa and chaise sectional! It’s bigger in my room than I..."

Teresa from Penang asks... "The walk-in closet off of our master bedroom is long and narrow at 6.5 ft by 13 ft. The flooring is light natural..."

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