Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wall Decor Help!

I need help deciding on wall art to compliment new bedding:)

March 07, 2011

Eliza from Kuantan ask....
Salam – I bought new bedding for my master bedroom and need help deciding on wall decor. I also need help with colored accents in the room, the walls are painted a light mocha color and we are renting so I cannot paint or wallpaper. I have attached (an image of) the bedding. I have not bought any nightstands or anything yet and I also am undecided on table lamps… PLEASE HELP! My husband is coming home soon from outstation and I want to surprise him:)
Any help will be greatly appreciated-I am pretty lost…
NECD responds...
As for your wall art and lamps, go white. From the picture you’ve sent, it looks to me as though the neutral colour in the bedding is white. I would get the white elements in the room to have a high gloss finish, as the bedding has a graphic feel that lends itself to a more modern look. You may want to go with one large framed piece of art that also has a graphic quality or you may consider a grouping of 3 sculptural pieces of art, perhaps large white leaves as found in your bedding. Just keep the new introduction of colours neutral. You may repeat the dark cranberry in the room here and there, but remember less is more! Good luck!

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